Our history

Joaquín G. Villamor, specialist technician in the direction and production of facsimiles, along a renowned team of people with high specialization who have been collaborating with him for more than 25 years in labors of production, control, printing and binding of no less than 50 titles from almost all european libraries, collection that is showed on this web. Joaquín has also a long career as publisher partner at different publishers which he assisted as Kaydeda Ediciones, Ars Magna, Optimus Manuscript, AyN Ediciones, Orbis Mediaevalis as well as simple edition of their facsimiles for other publushers. We take pride of showing these works on our website with the sole purpose of certifying the quality of our production, technique and total completion of the manuscripts showed. Our intention on this new professional path as both publishers and manufacturers is showing the exquisite quality of our craftmanship, as it works as cover letter for libraries and new clients as well.


From P.I.A.F.’s producing team we pretend to emulate knowledge and skills of those monks and scribes who bequeathed us the most beautiful illuminated pages. For this purpose we use the latest advancements in digital and photography technology, trying to grasp all subtleties and nuances of the finest manuscripts that are kept in the libraries of Madrid, Bologna, Rome, Paris…